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Precision Machining Mondays 3


We have a few weeks of YouTube videos out and truth is, we are having fun with it.

Lance and Patrick plan to machine a pair of new bronze bushing to replace a 100 year old (and I first thought it to be a young 70 years new) pair of precision drill bushings in a material we have never machined before. And then we prepped and primed, painted and baked the machine tool components to last the test of time. We are dead set on sharing through social media through our continued writing, images and videos as our way to share our skills and knowledge with others.


  • YouTube is more fun then we thought.
  • We ordered bushing material for an old (no maker na... <read more>

Precision Machining Mondays 2


Patrick and Lance are so excited and yet nervous at the same time because we have put up our first two YouTube video on our YouTube Channel and the lives of these two best friends living and working in a small rural desert town will likely never be the same.


  • Movers delay Levin Lathe rebuild.
  • Levin Lathe rebuilding begins, it’s a permanent table mounted machine.
  • Removing the tape and tape residue from baking on the epoxy and enamel paints.
  • Painting or repainting a dozens of parts, Levin Lathes, Flume Lathe, Bergeon Carbide Tool Sharpener and an Indicator Stand.
  • Lance destroys then repairs a painted headstock that had m... <read more>

New YouTube Series Launch - Shop Adventures


Welcome to our first moving picture series on YouTube. We are making a video series featuring two guys, precision machining American made products. The name of the series is Shop Adventures and a new video will be uploaded on a weekly basis.

Please See what We are Offering

If you like to participate or watch people machine and make products, then please give us 9:03 minutes of your time and decide if what we are sharing is of interest to you.

We are Sharing our Journey

The journey is of two childhood best friends (since 1975) th... <read more>

Precision Machining Mondays 1

Visitors arrive in their alien spaceship making #8 and #9, be all fine. We share the names of our work areas and some major modern conveniences we added to The Workshop work space. Filming our first video and rebuilding some American Made Machines, we are a pair of proud makers.


  • Friends stop by, RARE for our rural location.
  • Workshop updates infrastructure.
  • Rebuilding a pair of vintage Levin & Son Lathes from the ground up.
  • Some additional vintage (1 very rare USA made) machines we will be rebuilding.
  • Thinking about the product we will be making on our newly rebuilt machines.

Two Friends in a Fancy Cadi Stop By

... <read more>

Our Kickstarter project failed, now what?


Are we now losers? NO, No We Are NOT Losers.

  • Life, Rules, a Journey and Staying Positive.
  • How to build a natural following from Social Networks.
  • New to our Blog?
  • Why we went on a crowdfunding site to start with Failing on Kickstarter to raise enough money.
  • We wanted to raise how much MONEY on Kickstarter?
  • Positive Kickstarter experiences.
  • Crowdfunding forced us to build things that we needed anyways.
  • Crowdfunding whose fault is it anyways.
  • Come along on our let’s get some chips in the bin journey.
  • How we make precision machined parts.
  • What... <read more>

Clip-Spring Pen Update


Hello friends,

We regret to inform you that the Clip-Spring Pen project is going to be delayed, however it is not going to be canceled.

Active Atom Lance and Patrick Commitment

We wanted each of you to know that we are really loyal and upfront, and do not want to make a promise we cannot deliver on.  Instead of stringing the Clip-Spring Pen project along, we want to just stop and have some conversation with some various investors that might help us bring this great American Machined pen to market and to allow us to continue to share our journey as we move forward.

What we are Rais... <read more>

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