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Precision Machining Mondays 13

Meet the "Grinding Hut", a tough name for a gentle work space thanks to a YouTube viewer. So you think you can see me now? Levin lathe accessories replacement parts and a German machine controller panel. So much machinery and tools coming online a Bodine shunt motor with wiring bearing issues and lastly American Machined for "The Perfected Product".


  • Around the home and shop happenings
  • On a personal note
  • Machine and tool rebuilding progress
  • Producing a product progress

Maintaining our Work Spaces


Finalization of the Outbuilding named the "GRINDING ... <read more>

Precision Machining Mondays 12

Active Atom and the team are busy refurbishing machinery and tools and shared their first machine to be in full operation, a German Tapping machine. Also the company is adding a new work area, Patrick shares the new correct way to refurbish a drill chuck and retain the smooth values of greatness while Lance machines a reassembly tool Patrick needs to complete the work on two machine tool accessories. And finally Lance shares a few micro-machine world taps and dies that are each really, really small and Patrick taps a 1.0mm diameter hole and places a screw into it perfectly.


  • Machine and tool rebuilding progress.
  • How to CORRECTLY refurbish and lubricate an Albrecht precision chuck.<read more>

Precision Machining Mondays 11

Machine rebuilding starts to wind down (not really) but enough to allow the start of machining products in a few short months. We are awarded a great achievement from a social networking group we are members of and then Patrick says he is going to expand the number of educational instruction video about how we build, rebuild, machine and finish micro-machined products and likely many other on topic videos of how to and step-by-step, we really want to share our skills or knowledge to the next generation.


  • Machine and tool rebuilding progress.
  • We are members of some great online communities.
  • Educational step by step is or our first pullout video series.

<read more>

Precision Machining Mondays 10

We have entered the New Year with great direction. New vintage drill press idler pulleys arrived and a lathe tool holder to make threads on a set of tapping machine parts.  Also how to mount a Levin lathe and what remains of the Levin lathe accessories refurbishing process and finally what is the status of work edict?


  • New Year focused direction and a fresh YouTube.
  • Machine and tool rebuilding progress.
  • How we keep our Machine Shop and Workshop organized professional and really clean.

NewTube for YouTube


Welcome to the New Year ... <read more>

Precision Machining Mondays 9


Active Atom, Patrick, Lance and their adviser A-T-O-M wish to all a very Merry Christmas.

We are really into rebuilding some machines and things are about to get really a whole lot more detailed. So much so they have decided to split their YouTube channel into 3 identifying colors and provide choices of video type one wishes to view because they are currently rebuilding some Levin Lathes and a Drill Press while a German Tapping Machine is nearing completion.

They are also into the candy business.  Ok, they aren't really but they do upload sweet and delicious photos so learn more below.


  • Splitting up our YouTube Channel.
  • Machine and t... <read more>

Precision Machining Mondays 8


  • Around the home and shop happenings.
  • Machine and tool rebuilding progress.
  • Producing a product progress.



We need to add a very industrial externally mounted door seal kit to our pair of workshop double doors since these doors are only opened to bring in or remove a heavy piece of machinery, tooling or support items for our internal workshop.

The main goal of this seal kit addition is to help in the external or outdoor conditions like wind, cold, heat, dust, sand and variation in exte... <read more>

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