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Product Highlight

Clip-Spring Pen - A Watchmaker's Design in a Writing Pen

The Clip-Spring Pen is 100% American Machined right here in our workshop and is our first product offering. We are currently working on getting this Kickstarter Campaign ready to launch very soon and with your help, we can make this product a reality.


Our Kickstarter project failed, now what?

Are we now losers? NO, No We Are NOT Losers. Life, Rules, a Journey and Staying Positive. How to build a natural following from Social Networks. New to our Blog? Why we went on a crowdfunding site to start with...

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Welcome to Active Atom

We are a Design, Engineering and Precision Machining Company.

We machine our products utilizing some of the most exotic materials on earth. We manufacture our own products for both consumer and commerical applications to very high quality standards through high tolerance machining and hand finishing.

Our products are designed, programmed, machined, finished and assembled entirely by us.

How we are Different

Bringing together Old and New Technology.

While all of our machines and tools are of the highest tight tolerance standards, it is the combination of the latest in CNC Machines that are programmed utilizing SolidWorks and SolidCAM software.

Working in harmony with our American, Swiss and German made manual machinery and inspectiion tools that come together in producing the best of the best of both old and new generation machining and practices.