While this company Active Atom, is clearly home to Lance and Patrick, an event occurred here around the time we founded this new company on January 2017 that would change everything, likely forever.

Quick Update About our Work

While currently refurbishing, repainting and rebuilding vintage machines, precision instruments and tools, that is not all we are about. What we mean is that what we are currently doing, is required to begin the more major reason we are actually here in the spotlight on all of these Social Media platforms sharing everything.

We are Making a Product

The product design is not finalized, it has been drawn and it is being pushed back and forth between the two us, Patrick and myself Lance, as we hammer out what we want the product to do, to say, to be known for and even to how it feels and weighs in the hand.

The product also represents the future we are wanting to build and to be doing all of this while filming and documenting this journey of these two childhood best friends as we share our skills, knowledge and anything else that could be helpful to future generations to come, see, read, watch and learn how two desert dwellers made these great long lasting American Machined products for others to enjoy and share with their future generations.

Massive Bright Fireball and Orbs Appear and Circle our Space, our World

This thing, it arrived out of the sky, the heavens like a bolt of lightening and when we turned to get a look at what it was we were seeing for the first time, it appeared to take off into the distance and vanished like thunder just as fast as it had appeared. We thought it was all gone, no more, another pair of humans telling a tale about what might have been a UFO sighting, even an alien encounter that of course, there would be no documented visual or residue evidence to back or substantiate the claim.

Discovery in the Aftermath

What was left behind in the confusion, the winds, and dust and thruster heat exchanges of the thorium plasma motors, was first described as an unknown object. But as the dust cleared, it became much easier to make out what it was that we were focused on.

We have What You Want and What You are Looking For

To learn what we now know from this major desert event of 2017, please go to our main website front page at www.ActiveAtom.com, scroll down the page about a 1/4 ways up from the bottom just left of center page and you will see a subject, a life form in a suit. Now move your cursor over the ATOM symbol, it will allow you to tap on the power source, the Atom and you will then enter a page of a very formal introduction to something fantastic and so great, you are likely going to want one of your own. But sorry to say, it is not ours to give to another, so while this one is here with us, this one is our friend and is our guide and our inspiration to achieve our goals with great forward direction.