Welcome to our first moving picture series on YouTube. We are making a video series featuring two guys, precision machining American made products. The name of the series is Shop Adventures and a new video will be uploaded on a weekly basis.

Please See what We are Offering

If you like to participate or watch people machine and make products, then please give us 9:03 minutes of your time and decide if what we are sharing is of interest to you.

We are Sharing our Journey

The journey is of two childhood best friends (since 1975) that began business together in 1993. Now after 25 years, a quarter of a century, we want to share these topics.

About the Video Topics

What is in video one?

In our first weekly video, we are fixing a Levin & Son vintage Lathe table where we are adding a new bench top. We are also prepping a pair of Levin Instrument Lathes, one is vintage and the other is only 40 years old.

We are beginning the rebuilding of a few miniature and micro machines, tools and instruments that once completed, will be used to make the actual products we are going to be offering eventually in limited numbers.

What are we sharing?

We have decades of skills and knowledge in designing, engineering, programming, electronic and electromechanical, machining, finishing, coatings and much more as we are continually gaining additional skills to advance our skills for staying on top of our game and we want you to learn these skills along with us.

Where is this taking place?

The filming takes place in our home that is actually a precision machining and finishing shop located in a rural California Mojave Desert town.

What do we share in the videos?

We do 100% of all of the work ourselves in the making of our products. In addition, we perform all of the work on the house, the shop from electric to plumbing, HVAC to trench digging as this is living the rural desert life.

How often do you make videos and how long will they be?

Once a week about 10:00 minutes in length and on the topic of running a precision machining operation and making products from start to finish in great detail.

The Founders of the Business and the Creators of the Videos

What do us, Patrick Lara and Lance Conway want you to know and learn about us?


What is the history of these two best friends and business partners?