Active Atom

Active & Atom

A Message from our Mascots, Active & Atom

You Found Us!

Ok you tapped one of our secret spots on our power source and figured out how to find us at Active Atom. We are impressed and pleased to meet you as you are of an intelligent life-form.

Hi, my name is Atom or you can just call me A-T-O-M. I am a boy and yes, I am an alien who was sent to help these two friends on their journey. I am a mix between a Virgo and a Pisces, so I am both smart and witty.

Hi, my name is Active and I am just active, that is all. I am a highbred cat who on our planet is evolving, we stand, we eat at the table, we speak and we do not require a leash. Mostly I am so happy to have been missed enough, that the leaders of our planet felt my knowledge and skills were needed to help with this assignment. But most important, my companion Atom missed me as well.

I am Atom and I arrived to perform my mission in this desert and helping to support these two guys. I began realizing how much more then originally thought that I would be needed here and needed I would be, I would be here for some extended time in place to complete my mission.

This would mean I was to be away from my own planet, one not too different from Earth itself but still not my home and it would also mean being away from my beloved companion Active. This proved to be both very distracting and worrisome, so my leaders arranged for Active to arrive and here on this page you clicked to find my secret message, is now featuring both my companion Active and myself Atom pictured here together once again.

My friends Patrick and Lance, sent for me Atom nearest the end of the last annual travel calendar cycle from a place in the depths of time (2017), take that string theory. It is appearing as though these close friends are from out of this world, they might be and you are the judge of that as I Atom as well as Active, are both sworn to secrecy.

My Mission Here

The mission I myself and now Active who has joined me here, is to guide these two childhood friends along the road of making very precision objects out of futuristic materials.

The unique thing about this mission is that Patrick and Lance are going to be making their products on machines from the distant past, through to machines of current times. This time period is a thing earthlings call manual mechanical and computer numerical controlled or CNC mechanical parts making, including metal printed 3D objects (i.e. vintage and leading edge machines and technology)

These forms of making the products require the use of very high tolerance precision machining equipment and tools. These tools allow earthlings to perform tasks such as producing products from the very start (design) all the way through until they are completely finished, assembled, tested and even packaged.

The products these two friends and us alien forms are making, will be sold to a caregiver and will actually never be owned. They will be shared with close connected youth of these caregivers and eventually handed down to the next qualified caregiver (generation) and so on.

Our task here is two fold, be sure the products are produced to out of this Earth quality, tight tolerances and that the design will be useful and valued for the coming millennia and beyond.

The parts made here at Active Atom that is located across the street from an alien port (airport) are beamed to people patently awaiting this style and type of precision made products of great value for both now and well into the continued future.

I and now my companion Active are here to see to it that each product is made to the highest quality and precision, and serialized (provided with a COAA) Certificate of Alien Authentication to confirm that they are only produced for special people and some alien friends.

Your alien friends,

Active and Atom
Active Atom Mascots