Active Atom

Products Overview

Active Atom is a precision machining company but we want to share what kind of products we machine, what they are for and who they are made for.

Currently no products to share.

We produce two types of product lines.

Both product lines are made 100% by us in the USA here at Active Atom and both are covered with buyer protection offering excellent service, support and our warranty should an issue arise at time of purchase or years from now.

Limited Production

It is because we do all this detailed work here at Active Atom that our products are produced in limited quantities, this is in part to also convey that these are exclusive products, not high volume production products, but hand crafted precision instruments.

The Consumer Luxury Brand

The consumer luxury product line is for the high end consumer and is classified as luxury goods made with precision machined excellence with the best in American materials they are precision machined and have detailed hand finishes that are on display when being shared with others.

The Machine Shop Precision Tools Brand

The machine shop tools we make are machined, strengthened, ground, and coated or anything else necessary with long lasting durability and reliability in mind. As vintage tool buyers and rebuild specialists ourselves we know what makes the tools of so long ago still keep their repeatability and looks and we apply this knowledge when making our own precision machine tools for you.