Active Atom

Active Atom Education - Introduction

Welcome to the Active Atom Education section

In addition to the Shop Adventure shows that we produce on our YouTube channel, we will also periodically be producing Educational Series videos that will focus on specific watchmaking and micro-machining subjects in a very detailed and instructional manner.

For each YouTube Educational Series video we produce, we will be creating a section here specifically for this video which will contain documents and up to date information pertaining to it. So don't worry about having to take notes when watching one of our Educational Series videos as you will be able to download documentation along with other details related to it.

If you would like to see us cover a particular subject that is watchmaking or micro-machining related, please send us a message via email at or feel free to use the Contact Form here to let us know. These Educational Series videos are for the benefit of our viewers so we will be selecting topics based on viewer feedback. So please don't hestite to contact us and let us know what you are thinking.