Active Atom

Our History

Active Atom Creators History

The founders of Active Atom meet while playing hide and go seek in 1975 in a small Northern Orange County, California city.

Their Journey begins.

While both founders had some years apart and while they both had friends come and go along the way, the friendship established on that first day they met was the beginning of what would grow into a great friendship that began a fun at times and tough at other times journey of two best friends becoming business partners in May 1993 in Orange County, California.

The Founders have been living and working together in the lower Sonoran Desert of Southern California since 1999 and 14 years later in 2013 they relocated to their final location in the high desert of Mojave into a small town named Yucca Valley.

These two founders have a long and every expanding amount of multi generation learned and mentored skills with accomplishments listed under the (add Founders link here).

After many years of writing computer software, firmware and designing and manufacturing computer programs and controller cards for the PC industries, precision machining aerospace components, parts and assemblies and finally micromachining precision parts for the watch and timing devise industries these two best friends in 2015 had a new idea.

What if we take our years of skills and make our own products?

In 2016 they thought ok we have skills, own all of our own equipment and there is this opportunity that did not exist in their early day’s named crowd funding.

Crowd funding are these online websites, like communities that allow people just like them, the small guys with little as a way to share what they want to make, show a working model of what they are going to offer as rewards and raise money to make many more of these products for others to enjoy and share with many others.

Looking around their operation these two realized they had more then 35 drawings of products that they wanted to make for themselves and maybe if they liked them, once they were machined, finished and tested that others might share in the enjoyment of a combination machine and hand made American consumer product built to last the test of time.

Please join these two best friends while they offer their first product and join them on this journey where they design, engineer, cnc program, test, finish and package these precision machined luxury goods, made nearly 100% by them in-house and shared with viewers during the process via many social media platforms.