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Active Atom Tolerances & Services

Committed to Excellence

We perform nearly 100% of each operation of the products we produce from the start to the finished product.

Machining Services in General

We design, engineer and create a set of blueprints and machine holding to the precision tolerances required.

Active Atom CNC programs in SolidWorks and machines SolidCAM.

CNC Mills and Lathes

Active Atom precision machines high tolerance aerospace and space grade metals, plastics, resins and composite parts and components to +/- 0.005 of an inch.

The precision machining allows for stand alone products or stacked tolerances for multi component product assemblies.

We generally machine ten to a few hundred part runs at a time.

We offer both manual and CNC micromachining and standard size CNC mill and CNC lathe work to achieve optimum precision products.

Making component parts for the watch and timing device industries.

Micromachining Services

This is our specialty, part overall sizes are about an inch in size or smaller utilizing cutters as small as 0.001 of an inch in diameter, drills from 0.0002 to 0.10 inches in diameter. This is popular in the medical, dental and computer parts industries.

Machining Services Specialized

We specialize in micromachined parts.

Micromachining is cutting with a 0.015 inches in diameter cutter, machining to tolerances of +/- 0.0002 tenths of a thousandth performed in a controlled environment setting utilizing both micromachining mills and lathes including finished components with microfinishing surfaces this creates a precision cross-hatch pattern on the finished surfaces).

We micromachine and assemble small subassemblies for larger finished products, so we mix the talents of the micromachining with the standard CNC machining to achieve a unique blend of ultra detailed precision products.

Machined Production Parts, Continual Inspection Processes

We have a stringent quality control process that is created just after the first prototype machined part is completed and all final changes are made.

We enter the production machining run with a quality control process and logging system.

We invest heavily into inspection fixtures, pin and thread gauges, inspection tools, templates and establish a visual spot and measurable critical dimensions check system based on the complexity of the machined parts and the required tolerances that must be held.
After final machining come finishing, coating, and assembly

Machined Parts Heat Treating & Annealing

We heat treat, quench or anneal steel tooling components as needed during manufacturing and as a final machining stage before final surface finishing.

Machined Parts Finishes

We deburr by machine and hand, hand dry or wet sand, magnetic and media tumble deburr, surface grind, acid wash, machine or hand polish our machined components to any finish desired utilizing surface finish charts and inspection finishing gauges to maintain continuous repeatable perfection.

Machined Parts Coatings

We color in fill, powder coat, anodize, eletro-plate, blacken or blue components as a product deign calls for.

Machined Components Assembly

Completing a product requires assembly, this is where we machine all of the individual components sometimes as many as 60 from micro size to bench size and then carefully assemble these individual completed components into a completed Active Atom Product.

Additional services related to machining

We realized the need to not just make a machined product in our designs, but to be able to make a machined product that may require electronics, electro-mechanical functions, plastic enclosures, and FCC compliance.

At Active Atom we are able to accomplish these functions related to a machined product.

We build in-house Electronics, Electro-Mechanical Design and Creations, Electrical Engineering, Computer Software and Firmware Development and Programming, PCB Design Layout, Prototype Making and Electronic Testing though we sub out the production of the PCB boards to a local neighboring county where the PCB board populating and soldering is still done in the USA.