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Active Atom Materials - Copper Group

Periodic Table Element Cu

The base element for this section is Copper.
We machine 8 versions of metals based on copper.
This is the oldest known metal on earth to be used as copper is natural element known as native copper required no refining to utilize. Copper in its near purer state oxidizes and grows a brown to black surface and over hundreds of years will grow a green patina.

We humans have a range of 1.4 to 2.1 milligrams of copper per 2.25 pounds of body mass, so this material is good for us.

Copper Group

Copper C145 Tellurium

We machine in copper C145 Tellurium it is alloyed with 95% copper Cu and 5% tellurium Te.

Brass Group

Brass occurs when you alloy copper Cu with a percentage of additional elements.

Brass C230 Red Brass

We machine C230 known as red brass it is alloyed with 85% copper Cu, 0.5% iron Fe, 0.5% lead Pb, touch of zinc Zn and is one of the toughest longest lasting brasses produced.

Brass C464 Navel Brass

We machine C464 Navel Brass it is alloyed with 60% copper Cu, 40% zinc Zn is used when corrosion is a factor it contains 1% tin to combat the corrosion issue.

Brass C770 Nickel Silver

We machine C770 Nickel Silver it is alloyed with 54% copper Cu, 27% zinc Zn, 18% nickel Ni, 0.5% manganese Mn, 0.25% iron Fe.


The Bronze Age takes foot in south Asia in the mid-4th millennium Before Christ and spread around the world by 500 B.C. with many artifacts dating back a greater millennium and this shares how products made from bronze will be here for many more millennium.

Bronze 954 Aluminum Bronze

We machine 954 aluminum bronze it is alloyed with 83% copper Cu, 3% to 5% iron Fe, 10.0% to 11.5% aluminum Al, 1.5% nickel Ni, 0.50% manganese Mn.
Machinability scale is a 60% of 100%

Bronze 932 Bearing Bronze

We machine 932 bearing bronze it is alloyed with 81.0% to 85.0% copper Cu, 6.3% to 7.5% tin Sn, 6.0% to 8.0% lead Pb, 2.0% to 4.0% zinc Zn, 0.20% iron Fe, 1.00% nickel Ni, 0.35% antimony Sb, 1.50%, 1.50% phosphorus P, 0.08% sulfur S, 0.005% aluminum Al, 0.005% silicon Si.
Machinability scale is a 70% of 100%

Beryllium Copper

Known as the spark free metal being capable and durable enough to make hand tools that are similar to the tools in your garage only these tools are 100% spark free safe for use in highly combustible environments. These alloyed coppers are also known for there strength and hardness in use.

C172 Beryllium Copper

We machine C172 beryllium copper it is alloyed with 98.1% copper Cu, 1.90% beryllium Be, 0.2% aluminum Al, 0.2% silicon Si, 0.20% cobalt Co.
Machinability scale is a 20% of 100%
Hardness Rockwell RC 45

C173 Beryllium Copper (leaded)

We machine C173 beryllium copper it is alloyed with 97.7% copper Cu, 1.90% beryllium Be, .20% to .6% lead Pb, .20% aluminum Al, .20% silicon Si, .20% cobalt Co.
Machinability scale is a 50% of 100%
Hardness Rockwell RC 39