Active Atom

About Active Atom and our Skills

We are Precision Machinists and Engineers

  • We are a small precision machine shop.
  • We design, program, mill, turn, and finish small precision parts.
  • We machine design ideas into products.
  • We machine high tolerance precision machined products for the high end luxury goods market.
  • We manufacturer our own designed precision tools for precision machining businesses.
  • We work with companies that have an idea or concept by making the product come to life through a friendly working together relationship when we are not busy making our own products.
  • We design, engineer, CNC program, test and finish 100% of the products we make.

Precision Machining is our lives

With four generations of being American machinists and business owners, we have a vast amount of relationships and connections, taught, mentored, learned and gained skills to present to all of those that express interest in precision machining and all of the details that go into making perfect products.

Our goal is to leave a lasting digital existence. We love to share our work, we are proud of our work, and thanks to the advent of social media we have a place to share our work, leaving an everlasting footprint of sharing for future generations to come, see, like, even become a part of making American Products with great pride knowing and learning what it takes to make the components we manufacturer from start to finish.

To learn more about the services we provide, understand the types of precision machined parts we make, or see what skills we are knowledgeable in and are continually learning and applying, please click this Services link.