Active Atom

Active Atom Materials - Introduction

We are an eco-friendly company and recycle all scrape materials from the making of our Precision Machined products.

At Active Atom Precision Machining we make machined products, we claim the products we make are built to stand the test of time, to assure that what you are purchasing from us does what we claim and to accomplish this more then our work and good luck are required, we must know that the materials we buy and the work we perform on the materials ends up doing and being what we claim they are, this is how we know that what we make will be around now and into the next millennial.

We take the materials we utilize in the manufacturing of every product we produce very seriously, in fact we are so serious about the topic, we decided to share the materials we use now, have used in the past and plan to use in the near future.

We learned through mentoring while working in the high tolerance precision machining of aerospace structures, air frames, landing gear and door latch components from a metallurgist that we worked along side of about materials and proper acquisition.

There are two really important points of interest that anyone can understand about making nearly anything on earth, yet alone a commercial aircraft that must last more then 30 years of continued service, that move on to freight outside US airspace for additional years of continual service.

Fact One:

Material is the starting point of all manufactured products, the tooling you make and use, the machines you utilize to cut tooling or products on the small detailed components like bolts, screws, washers, fasteners, nuts, bushings, bearings are all made of materials that need to be the best they can be, from the specifications they are designed and are to be built out of as lives are depending on your attention to these critical details.

Fact Two:

If you are going to make a product from a questionable or non certified material then you are starting with an inferior beginning and the rest of your making anything are futile. We always liked to say in the precision machining industry JUNK IN JUNK OUT.

Regardless of your best intentions if you have questionable material you cannot certify or guarantee the product you are manufacturing, your efforts are a total loss.

Materials Active Atom Purchases and Machines

  • Active Atom, LLC. Only purchases raw materials Made in the USA.
  • Active Atom, LLC. Only utilizes materials that are accompanied with raw material certifications as the only true guarantee that what a customer is getting from us after we manufacture it is what we have promised.
  • Active Atom, LLC. Generally procures SAE, AISI, AMS, MIL-SPEC or ASTM approved standards materials.
  • Active Atom manufacturers both consumer luxury products, machined parts and precision machined tools and tooling for the manufacturing industry.