Active Atom

Active Atom Receives a Visitor in the High-Desert


While this company Active Atom, is clearly home to Lance and Patrick, an event occurred here around the time we founded this new company on January 2017 that would change everything, likely forever.

Quick Update About our Work

While currently refurbishing, repainting and rebuilding vintage machines, precision instruments and tools, that is not all we are about. What we mean is that what we are currently doing, is required to begin the more major reason we are actually here in the spotlight on all of these Social Media platforms sharing everything.

We are Making a Product

The p... <read more>

New YouTube Series Launch - Shop Adventures


Welcome to our first moving picture series on YouTube. We are making a video series featuring two guys, precision machining American made products. The name of the series is Shop Adventures and a new video will be uploaded on a weekly basis.

Please See what We are Offering

If you like to participate or watch people machine and make products, then please give us 9:03 minutes of your time and decide if what we are sharing is of interest to you.

We are Sharing our Journey

The journey is of two childhood best friends (since 1975) th... <read more>

Our Kickstarter project failed, now what?


Are we now losers? NO, No We Are NOT Losers.

  • Life, Rules, a Journey and Staying Positive.
  • How to build a natural following from Social Networks.
  • New to our Blog?
  • Why we went on a crowdfunding site to start with Failing on Kickstarter to raise enough money.
  • We wanted to raise how much MONEY on Kickstarter?
  • Positive Kickstarter experiences.
  • Crowdfunding forced us to build things that we needed anyways.
  • Crowdfunding whose fault is it anyways.
  • Come along on our let’s get some chips in the bin journey.
  • How we make precision machined parts.
  • What... <read more>

Clip-Spring Pen Update


Hello friends,

We regret to inform you that the Clip-Spring Pen project is going to be delayed, however it is not going to be canceled.

Active Atom Lance and Patrick Commitment

We wanted each of you to know that we are really loyal and upfront, and do not want to make a promise we cannot deliver on.  Instead of stringing the Clip-Spring Pen project along, we want to just stop and have some conversation with some various investors that might help us bring this great American Machined pen to market and to allow us to continue to share our journey as we move forward.

What we are Rais... <read more>

Precision Machining Company shares new Insights on Website

First we Share why we are Making a Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign

Patrick and Lance get up front and personal about the new "Location" tab on their website, how the "Location" story came too be.  The company also adds a "Press Releases" tab it is a place that shares with journalists.


Driven by passion, this is our story...

Active Atom is more then just a company, it is a journey of two best friends, living and working in a precision machine shop together in a rural town in the Mojave Desert, California.  The company is an operational vintage machines and vintage tools museum in work. ... <read more>

Best Friends Share Precision Machining Skills to Help Others

Learn the what, why and how of our precision machining methods and machining parts on micro-machines and cnc machines while we make American Machined Products.

As two best friends of 40 plus years we want to bring readers and viewers along on our journey of sharing our precision machining skills and techniques that we have learned and are continually learning from the past 25 years forward.

Hi this is Lance Conway and Patrick Lara, 

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We have been precision machining single piece to production runs for the watchmaker,... <read more>