Active Atom, Patrick, Lance and their adviser A-T-O-M wish to all a very Merry Christmas.

We are really into rebuilding some machines and things are about to get really a whole lot more detailed. So much so they have decided to split their YouTube channel into 3 identifying colors and provide choices of video type one wishes to view because they are currently rebuilding some Levin Lathes and a Drill Press while a German Tapping Machine is nearing completion.

They are also into the candy business.  Ok, they aren't really but they do upload sweet and delicious photos so learn more below.


  • Splitting up our YouTube Channel.
  • Machine and tool rebuilding progress.
  • Instagram Photo Expert Patrick Lara, captures SWEET greatness.



Lance and Patrick have both been very focused on the rebuilding of machines and tools sharing with our viewers as we take this journey of becoming makers to task.

While the world might be in a hurry (and this is fine) and moving at a pace that could be sustainable or unsustainable (think positive), these two are two happy go lucky guys that are enjoying their efforts and begin able to share them in so many social media locations.

These two guys have a set of work ethics that only perform perfection in precision machinery, precision machining and the use of the tools of the metal working trades for the micro-machining of watch timing and instrument making parts and components.

How to Solve Making Great Videos while Keeping them Short and Not Making Them Too Detailed on a Single Subject?

SOLUTION = lightly split your channel into different Colors.

So in order for the two of us to solve this challenge of providing a weekly video of our Shop Adventures a journey of two childhood friends fixing up machine and tool stuff so they can begin making their product, we also are recognizing that we need to expand into step by step type detailed videos, often times that are longer in length and FOCUSED on a single topic, then the original Shop Adventures which are identified by the blue video thumbnails.

See, the Blue Shop Adventure videos share a broader and diverse offering of the weekly around the shop happenings so we came up with a great idea. We elected to simply add a couple of more colors to our current YouTube channel.

What you the viewer will now receive at a single stop is 3 choices or paths to take with us and our YouTube Channel or you could just simply watch them all.


YouTube BLUE Shop Adventures continues sharing our rural desert working journey offering all of the action going on around the shop, even footage from the other color thumbnails, just not in lengthy details. Those details are good for only someone wanting to perform these tasks in their own operations.


YouTube (color) Focus is about providing insight direction step by step processes we apply when doing projects requiring very high skill and knowledge levels. Filming might be at great length and might involve the need to create a series like A B C or 1 2 3 and so on.


YouTube (color) Work Space is about the issues that arise when you live rural and need to handle all issues that arise not just the ones that pertain to machines tools and making our product.

Worlds Toughest Metal Milling Machine

We have lightly begun to discuss and revisit the rebuilding of an American Milling machine that is still manufactured to this day, only those are newer versions and not the exact same machines from the past.

Is our older Barker Mill version of the mill made better? Come along and follow our progress on

Come Watch us Share the Refile of the Secret

While the company Barker Engineering, located in Ohio, is still offering these milling machines. This machine has a secret to share and because we are filming this rebuild and sharing it through YouTube, the secret is going to be shared in rebuild video 1 or 2 because by that point, how do you hide something so large and significant to machining in general.

Meet a German Mate


The German Drill Press (I only drill and ream little holes) got lonely and required a friend to continue on this journey with us as we head toward the making of a perfect machined part.

We needed a way to automatically tap threads into really small holes (I only cut threads into little holes) so we added to our needed machines this German made Hagen & Goebel Soest Type HG-2 Micro Tapping machine.

Several of our Most Important Product Making Machine Tools

We are currently in the reassembly phase with our pair of Levin Instrument Lathes and a Levin Micro Drill Press as these particular machines had a bit of a hold during the schedules continuation and finalization of the rebuilding.

We are proud to share that these spindles on each of these lathes and the drill press are going to begin receiving (will be shared on video) the installation and testing of new bearings.

High Tolerance Bearing Replacement Procedures Shared

50 millionths of an inch 0.00005 also known as ½ of 10,000 thousands of an inch 

What makes these bearings so critical for us to share via YouTube is that these are for micro-machines. These are very precision bearings and to date, this type of high tolerance bearing replacement processes and procedures are not available on YouTube for micro machinery, meaning it is really important to the two of us that we document this rebuilding of the head stock of a micro-machine.

Bearing Replacement Documented

For us, this is really important to not only get it done but to also share this information so others might be able to learn from this. Because we are needing the machines, to get it done right and to be sure this is documented, allows us to share how we replace very high tolerance 50 millionths of an inch bearings.

This replacement bearing operation must be done really well and that the end results be of some great shareable quality for the future generations to watch, experience and learn from. If we are at all lucky enough and we (Patrick and Lance) do a great job, the youth will have a take away from the two of us about what it is to be able to learn to replace bearings using a few tools, two hands and a lot of head (thinking) work at this micro level.

Meet Some Sweet, Sweet Workings

Please meet our in-house Hansel Adams aka Patrick Lara, a professional photo taker who will get the best shot of the machines, tools, parts, components, tools in the moment shots and upload them to Instagram on a continued basis. Patrick’s image upload schedule is below.

Instagram Image Uploads

Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, year around at