Learn about Active Atom and their many domain names, which precision machinery and tools are these two guys refurbishing and rebuilding right now and when is it they are going to start making their product?


  • Domain Names for sale by owner.
  • Repairs and upgrades around the home and shop.
  • Precision machine and tool refurbishing and rebuilding.
  • YouTube Educational Pullouts.
  • Active Atom "The Perfected Product".

It is a Digital World


Hello and welcome to our Insiders Track blog.

Did you know that Patrick Lara & Lance Conway own a few good to GREAT domain names?

Well we do shares Patrick, some dating back a quarter of a century. We just sold one domain TableLights.com and thought we could share others. 

Please view our portfolio of domain names at the following website.  Although we do not advertise the sale of any of these domain names in our portfolio, we do occasional sell one to interested parties.


The Following Names are all .COM Top Shelf Domain Name Extensions

  • (TLD) Top Level Domain means it is a .com.
  • They are all product, keyword, geo-location business type or lifestyle domain names.
  • They are most all 2 word and a few 3 word domain names.
  • The domain names are correctly spelled and grouped words with a meaning, example being here CoffeeStories .com (we have this name as well)
  • These domain names date back to the mid 1990’s (the beginning of being able to buy domain names) and they are unused, clean and search engine friendly.

We Would Like to Share Several that are our Favorite Domain Names Currently.

  • LaboratoryDiamonds.com
    For sellers of man made diamonds, synthetic diamonds and the makers of laboratory diamond manufacturing equipment and machinery. 

    The worlds largest diamond controller De beers Sa., founded in 1888 is in the diamond exploration, mining, trading retailing at the commercial level and this includes the sale of industrial diamonds and now synthetic diamonds. 

    The world’s largest player price setter dealer and exploration company in the world of diamonds both natural diamonds and man made diamonds is going to be making this market move and has publicly shared and agreed to enter the synthetic or man made diamond buying and selling in a very big way.

    This domain name LaboratoryDiamonds.com is going to become a very popular way to sell this man made laboratory diamonds to consumers globally.

  • BeachCraft.com
    Makers of crafts projects to be made at a lake or ocean type beach with beach sand, shells seaweed for both children and adults. We also like this name for a water craft.

  • CandyScooper.com
    This is self explanatory a fine candy store in a popular tourist destination hotspot family orientated theme as ice cream style parlors have returned to become.

    We both personally love this name because we love sweet and very delicious candy sweet chocolates, and the likes and in fact we love this so much we actually have a drawing a design, it is both electronic and mechanical in its creation that could easily be turned into a great candy store product and that is why we own this domain name.

  • NaturesMD.com
    Is for herbal natural curing products, cleansing of the mind body and soul, great for a branded name product or product line, even an online retailer of Natural MD (medical doctor) advice, documentation, holistic cures information and general product reviews and suggestions a real money making domain name.

    Natural cure facilities, quality of life educational reference guides books and digital lessons.

  • BeverlyHillsWeather.com
    A website that can offer detailed, even historic weather information, live feed cameras and real time weather stations installed in a triangulated pattern (top performing accurate weather data for the city and the surrounding area you can sell things through this type of website.

    Big ticket items, real estate, exclusive merchandise, hotels, restaurants, travel packages, golf shopping on Rodeo Drive, spas, nail, hair, fashion, design and endless options.

    A community website a Geo-Location domain name offers the things that are sold in the Beverly Hills area. The name is a real 90210 and actually stands for very high-end American machined luxury goods that are very limited in there edition.

How many Domain Names are there?

We have almost 200 domain names and sell around 1 to 2 a year which we have done so since we began owning these domain names in the mid 1990's.

Around the Home and Shop Happenings


We did install some concrete siding on one of the four wall of the "Grinding Hut".  It is even factory painted to match our home and business in a mid tone gray color and we cannot wait until the final three walls are completed with this siding because it looks so nice.

After the finishing of the outside concrete siding project for our finishing shop named the Grinding Hut we have to install the electric, add a sink external lighting and then move our finishing equipment from the Machine Shop area to this new grit an grim fine finishing shop areas away from our very precision larger machinery area and this also makes room for a special machine we are looking to add to our machining operation and shop capabilities in due time.

Machine and Tool Rebuilding Progress


We are getting things (tools and machinery rebuilding refurbishing and the likes) done in record time we might also add, and we are so excited to have made great progress on some tooling and even a very high tech inspection tool that is nearing completion.

    We have a vintage 5C collet holding spindexer from many decades ago that just past inspection for holding of tight tolerances and is now moving forward with us on this journey.

    We finished some really small 50 mm, 60, mm, 80 mm, and up through to 100 mm diameter watchmaker chucks in 3, 4 and 6 jaws even watch plate holding 3 arm chucks and a few bezel specialized holding chucks and custom tooling hole production tooling plate chucks a very diverse selection of chucks from America, Switzerland, and Germany for a versatile micro machining operation like we are operating here at Active Atom.

    We are two very fortunate guys to have these tools in such a verity, and lucky to have the skills to refurbish them retaining their very high quality tolerances and reliability with smooth operation for us here.


Refurbishing a Precision Instrument

The Swiss made CARY bench top micrometer comparator inspection unit, a tool we need to be able to do production parts inspections piece by piece, very high tolerance inspections of micro-machined components with great reliability and quick per piece part tolerance retention during production runs for our product we have named “The Perfected Product”.

Rebuilding an Unknown No-Name Spindexer

Well you never really know when you start disassembling a very old tool, in our case a tool we received with our purchase of the Barker Milling machine we bought online from a retiring 100 year old owner of this fine machine with a factory secret attached to it.
See we bought the machine and it came with this indexer spindexer unit but it was customized to a particular use application, one that made this precision machining tool not useful to us at Active Atom, a change to this tool would be required for our usage.

We disassembled this tool, cleaned it, masked it, bead blasted it, stone and scotch-brite the finer precision finishes and reassembled this tool, so we could do a granite inspection plate test to see how accurate the tool was holding its tight tolerances, tolerances it would require to be usable in the Workshop area.

This effort above would allows us to know how great, or not so great a tool we were in possession of, so that once it is back in the Workshop area and mounted back on the currently be rebuilt Barker Milling Machine what level we could count on this spindexer tool to perform for us going forward.

We tested this spindexer for parallelism and for roundness, trueness tolerances and it all came in within .0002 so this is an amazingly accurate tool we are now able to continue the rebuilding of.

The 3 surfaces in need of new paint were prepared with an acetone bath and fresh masking tape and corked holes to allow it to receive paint.

The paint applied is a 2 part epoxy primer paint, paint colors we are using are to be applied to three of the many components that make up this spindexer tool are left over from the paints we applied to the Barker Milling Machine after its inspection (currently in reassembly) for wear and confirming that machines accuracy sharing GREAT results, which have been completed.

We are painting the spindexer's main base in a machine gray primer and the main body of this tool as well, the spindexer itself the knob on the opposite end from the 5C collet holder is to be painted in a red tone nearer a maroon in color coating both of these colors are used on the components for the main Barker Milling Machine is in the gray and the bed coolant and t-slot channels and lettering are in this off maroon color as well.

Lesson in How a Spindexer Generally Performs its Tasks

This tool we have acquired is not as a spindexer generally is, you see you usually have a dividing head plate sometimes many plates you can interchange and it has a spring loaded pin to lock the 5C collet into a position and machine a cut , index this tool to another hole in the pattern cut again or to be drilled, rotate to another hole in the dividing head plate and make an additional cut or drill a hole and so on.
These functions are performed on a milling machine with the spindexer mounted through its base plate onto the t-slotted milling machine table.

Educational Pullout Series Updates


Rebuilding Precision Machine Spindles

Performing a first of anything can be tough and it is no different for us with these Educational Pullout video series.

The first set of educational video series videos being 4 to 5 parts is focused on precision spindle rebuilding step by steps (with many others to follow over time) in the series despite all being uploaded into our YouTube Channel at Active Atom on the same day, this decision is best for maintaining a directory of sorts for our step by step how we approach a fix or provide how, we would solve a challenge in our way.

The goal is to share the best helpful information for the current person seeking knowledge and those that will follow seeking knowledge on each technical topic we upload for many years to come.

Producing a Perfect Product Progress


No new progress (still rebuilding and refurbishing our precision machinery and precise tools) for the code named product "The Perfected Product".

What is this “The Perfected Product”.

What we are really doing is this.

We will be machining all of the components for this product built to remain relevant and to remain durable for many decades centuries to come, a buyer will be a caretaker and not the actual owner of these finely made limited edition hand finished and fitted assemblies built to watchmaker quality, tolerance standards, a very complicated product build for our company.

About Patrick and Lance of Active Atom

We are two childhood friends, we are both trained by mentors and self taught through seeking, learning, knowledge to hone our skills.

We are building this product from the pencil sketches, through the CAD drawings, metal machining and all the way through to finishing, coatings, fine hand fitted assembly and packaging in-house by only the two of us, here in this rural California Desert town named Yucca Valley.