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Please allow us to get stuck on you. We have a neat sticker set that we have been working on for the past few months and are excited to now offer them on our online store. Your financial support will help us continue making new Shop Adventures shows and upcoming Educational Series episodes on our YouTube channel at


How You Can Help Lance & Patrick

The Active Atom company sticker set is now for sale at our Online Store at

You are making a one time channel support donation through our Active Atom Secure Server, so your information and your transaction are very secure. (see our policies here)

What you are Supporting

Hi, this is Lance & Patrick from Active Atom and we are the creators of our weekly YouTube show, Shop Adventures.

Shop Adventures is our weekly show devoted to helping people by sharing our machining knowledge and skills from our decades of micro-machining and watchmaking works.  We will also be sharing the entire product development cycle of our first hand made product that we will be offering for sale later this year.

Please buy one or more of our sticker sets for a price of $10.00 USD, includes FREE shipping anywhere in the world.



Here is what You will Receive

  • 1 official Active Atom brushed aluminum looking finish sticker.  This sticker sheet actually contains a large company logo sticker and to the right of it, a mini company logo sticker.
  • 1 fun Active the Alien Cat and Atom the Alien Guide of our product design and build adventure.  These are the new company mascots.
  • 1 Informational / Instruction sheet.
  • Stickers are shipped in a thick stock envelope to ensure that your stickers do not get damaged during shipment.

How to Purchase our Sticker Set

  1. The cost is only $10 USD per order of stickers and shipping is FREE globally.
  2. You will receive three different Stickers per set and each order contains 2 Sticker sets.
  3. When ordering, please consider buying more then one order as a gift for a friend or co-worker.
  4. These sets cost us the same amount to ship as two orders as it does to ship one order, providing us with even more financial support from viewers like you.

Visit our online store at

Thank you in advance for supporting us by considering and making a purchase,

Lance & Patrick.