Why does Active Atom a Precision Machining Operation have so many Domain Names?

These two best friends operate a home based precision machine shop and are by no means in the domain name game.

We own our domain names for products that we want to manufacture in the future but we do want to share these domain names with others as like with all of our machines, tools and support equipment, domain names are assets to our company.

About this Blog Article:

  • Learn below if you should own a domain name.
  • Learn when and why you need a broker to get your domain name.
  • Learn how much a domain name really costs.
  • Learn the highest price ever paid for a domain name.
  • Learn how to never buy a BAD domain name.
  • Learn Active Atom’s domain name history and the true story about our names.
  • 4 reasons to only buy a .com extension domain name.
  • 4 categories of domain name classification and a bonus piece you need to know about.
  • See our list of 165 domain names we own below.
  • Learn the places to buy your domain name through.
  • Active Atom's closing thoughts on domain name importance.

To discover the answer to why we own so many domain names, please allow us to explain the whole reason we even know what a domain name is.

Start Here

Here are a few questions, a quick lesson and a fun thing to try out for you.

  1. Do you have a great idea?
  2. Do you have an idea for the best product to come to life in our lifetime?
  3. Do you have a product that is searched and found through a keyword search?
  4. Are you a politician running for an office?
  5. Are you a creative artist looking to brand your artist name?

If you are not really rich, then like us, you are going to need to own the correctly spelled domain name in the .com extension.  If you do not own the domain name now, you are going to have a really tough go of making your product or your political career for yourself take off.

How to Buy a Domain Name that is Already Owned?

This section just means you are going to need to find the owner.

Type into the search engine address bar, the whole name you want to acquire like www.ItsTheBest.com or go to a domain name registrar and type it in there to see if it is available.  If you are going to the search engine address bar to check for the domain name that might already be in use, you can see if it is in actual use (attached to a website, blog, parked page, etc.).

If the domain name is not in use, or is in use but not attached to a giant business, then you need to hire a domain name broker to contact the owner with an offer.  The broker can advise you of how much you should offer the person that owns it and the broker will see if you are offering enough to at least start a conversation with the domain name owner and close the deal.  Being unrealistic and offering too low of a price for a domain name will only cause the owner of the domain name to not take you seriously and discourage further discussion.

We advise you not go domain name shopping on your own, this prevents emotional mistakes from occurring.  We advise you to be prepared for as many weeks to months this research will take to secure the domain name due to contact time, price negotiations and the escrow process itself.

We advise you through our two decades of domain name experience, that you never try to low-ball the seller because if they are like us, they will likely not respond to your offer and worse, they may not ever respond to you.  For example, by offering a few hundred dollars for a domain name, you should have thoroughly researched the domain name already to know it is worth a few thousand dollars, more or less depending on the domain name.

Utilizing a broker is very important, you need to protect your money and the seller needs to protect their domain name.  The broker handles the transaction very well to assure both parties are protected through each stage of the domain name and money funds transfer.  Brokers work on a percentage of the sell price which in our experience, is very reasonable.

Just as a fun experiment, click on the link below and try to buy your own name or the name of a product or service you are considering opening and you will see how difficult it has become.


Just as a warning and reminder, there is only one BenWard.com globally and it is taken so these services where you go to search for your special domain name are going to try to sell you an alternative ending or domain name extension which there are many under the sun.  There have always been new domain name extension releases and they are useless as these services are in the business of selling domain names, so be aware that buying the .com extension is the difference between wining and loosing.


How much can a Domain Name Cost?

Domain names when first registered generally only cost $10.00 to $20.00 dollars and is annually renewable.

  • We have our domain names to be viewed at www.UrlLogic.com.
  • We have shared our current .com domain name list from over the 2 decades.
  • Through time of owning and managing these domain names, we have sold around 2 to 3 each year for between $3.000.00 to $20.000.00 dollars each.
  • We have also added a few each year as trends and demands change for our product making needs.

Examples of domain names we recently added to our domain portfolio:

  • MarijuanaDetector.com
  • MachinedPen.com
  • Clip-Spring-Pen.com

Good domain names can sell for $50.000.00 to $100.000.00 dollars.

Great domain name can also sell for $500.000.00 to $ million dollars for say GotPop.com or LoudPlay.com

What was the Most Expensive Domain Name ever Sold?

Highest price ever paid for a domain name was a two word .com domain name for selling insurance, it sold for 49.700.000.00 dollars.  This is rare and you do not need 30 or 50 million dollars to buy a good domain name. 

The domain name was CarInsurance.com

This name is classified as a two word (TLD) top level domain extension being a .com and is also an (EMD) exact match domain name.  The words in the domain name perfectly match the search engine result page (SERP) for people seeking car insurance.

Do Not Buy a BAD Domain Name

Even if you are lucky or rather unlucky enough to find your personal name available under the .name domain name extension, you should think like this;  ask yourself, when is the last time you typed in anything other then the .com TLD extension into your search engine address bar?

Testing a Domain Name before you Buy it

Better yet, when is the last time you saw any domain name come up during a search that ended in anything other then .com, which stands for commercial by the way?  You are going to find .org (short for organizations) for non-profit organizations but this article is about commercial applications.

Our Domain Name History

The year was 1993 in the month of May of that year, two best friends set out to get into the technology world opening a business.

Patrick Lara is from the computer software development of computer controller cards, firmware and low-level machine coding, watchmaker and micro-machinist.  We own the domain name PatrickLara.com

Lance Conway is from the aerospace machining industry, precision machining, large structural components in high strength aerospace alloys, production control, QC inspection and production flow.  We own the domain name LanceConway.com

These two best friends began a company named PE Logic Corp. an Advanced Engineering and Computer Software, Firmware, Hardware Development Company in May 1993.  PE Logic launched its first website in 1994 as a way to offer our (SCSI) small computer system interface controller cards for the PC and computer peripheral industries with business from industry giant OEM’s.

That first domain name was PELogic .com.  The domain name stayed in play until PE Logic Corp. closed and reformed as a software and hardware engineering development company in 1999 named Viper Logic Corp. that closed in 2016.

In January 2017 we formed Active Atom LLC.  Active Atom Precision Machining company specializes in CNC milling and turning, micro-machining and micro-finishing of aerospace grade metals to high tolerances.

We had been machining and rebuilding watch and timing device parts for those industries for 20 of the last 25 years we have been in business.  We love designing and engineering our own products, CNC programming, CNC machining, micromachining, precision finishing and tolerance controlled coatings and oxides, electromechanical and electronics engineering and building even small precision machines and tools rebuilding.

The two of us decided to change our business from software and hardware development into our passion of making American Machined products because it is providing a modest means and the machining and finishing customers we find are more enjoyable then the computer software and hardware engineering business customers were.

Our Domain Name Buying History

We began buying more domain names in the mid to later 1990’s and while we tried to buy different domain name extensions away from the .com extension, lightly trying such extensions as .cc, .net, .mobi, etc.  We ultimately came back to the beginning domain name extension known as the .com or TLD (top level domain) extension.  We eventually let all our non .com domain names expire and have never regretted it.

There are four very important reasons that led us to continue buying domain names in the .com extension only.

  1. Reason One
    .com domain names are the most trusted with both search engines and people that are seeking information or (SERP) search engine result page.

  2. Reason Two
    When an end user types a domain name address into their phone, tablet or computer, they are going to naturally type the .com extension.  Search engines are also going to return results as well in the .com extension first.

    The .com extension is also how as an example, when you are out with people or on the phone talking and sharing a companies domain name URL (uniform resource locator) are going to be remembered.

    The human mind already thinks .com on any domain name shared with them.

  3. Reason Three
    The .com domain name extension cannot be shadowed through an internet search. Example is if you own the .com extension for a very popular brand and someone owns the .net, .org, .la or .whatever, these are not going to show up in the SERP.

  4. Reason Four
    Active Atom is a small precision machining operation operated by two best friends that have been working together for over 25 years.  We operate our business in a small high-desert rural town named Yucca Valley, located in the Mojave Desert of California.

    We design products and we program solutions, create firmware that operates electronic and mechanical devices, make and test computer controller cards for products we design, we precision machine many product prototypes as well, so it was really important to have a place to select the best domain name we could for the products we will produce.

    Beginning in the late 1990’s we selected .com domain names that would best fit a product in two categories of importance.

Domain Name Category One

Product and business style domain names.
Examples are PolarPads .com or PacificEyewear .com

Domain Name Category Two

Geo-Location domain names.
Examples are BeverlyHillsWeather.com or PalmSpringShopping.com

Domain Name Category Three

Keyword and (EMD) exact match domain names.
Examples are TableLights.com or LaboratoryDiamonds.com

Domain Name Category Four

Personal names.
Examples are PatrickLara.com and LanceConway.com

There is one additional reason to own the .com domain name extension and there is an additional piece of gained knowledge here to share.
The .com domain name is generally going to be required to have when you build up your business and a prospective buyer comes calling to buy the entire operation.  An operation likely to be doing most or all of its business via the Internet and for this you are going to need the .com TLD extension to get the best price for the business and to reduce the risk of someone shadowing your business model or products and services with another domain name extension.

Active Atom owns 193 (TLD) top level domain or .com domain names and we currently only utilize 28 .com for our company.  We only share the domain names not currently being utilized for projects, products or persons of which there are 165 .com domain names listed at www.UrlLogic.com.

As a great example of our .com domain name usage, we selected UrlLogic.com from our inventory to represent our portfolio of domain names, a place we have built a single website page to share our list of the domain names we own minus the ones we currently operate.


Domain Name Educational Information

The domain name world is nothing more then an additional marketing expense, knowing this you need to think out how your domain name sounds more then how it is spelled.

Example of a bad domain name is one that utilizes a number instead of being spelled out.

  • Cash4Corn.com
  • CashFourCorn.com
  • CashForCorn.com

The correct domain name to buy would be CornCash.com.

This solution offers two great things to you as the domain name owner.  The name tells people that you share the name with that you buy corn and you pay cash for it.  This name also shares with search engines (along with a lot of other website content work) that you are a cash buyer of corn.  The domain name is also symmetric, it has four letters in each word great for branding and the domain name is short enough to easily be remembered.

NEVER by a miss-spelling for any domain name, that game ran its course two decades ago and for good reason.  The number of people that miss-spell along with search engines automatically correcting misspelled words has ended the miss-spelling practice.

We also really dislike this old practice and for this, we will share our domain name that is what we are sharing on this blog post now with you UrlLogic.com.

We see and understand as well as the search engines read and understand the URL that means "Uniform Resource Locator" and Logic.  Let's say because we have this domain name, as we do already, that we wanted a name like it.  You buy the name UrLogic because it was available and it utilizes only a single “L” in the domain name.  The person you are sharing or marketing to will be typing in the correct spelling that is UrlLogic.com and we have and use it so we are going to get your customer instead of you.

The goal of domain name buying is to be knowledgeable in the meaning of the domain name even when you use a very popular abbreviation like URL that stands for “Uniform Resource Locator” but because it was taken,  you went with UrLogic.com which UR means nothing other then you are sharing with people and with search engines that you claim to be Logic?

Because shorter domain names are best and search engines perform better with shorter URL’s, it is not best to use, though you might want to own the domain name just to have it as in this case it would be UniformResourceLocatorLogic.com.  But as you can see, this is a very long 26 character domain name which is a sure death to it being a success if not by the search engine algorithm, it will certainly fail for any off-line marketing efforts.

There are many sellers of domain names that have never been registered or have expired and were available for registration again.  These services allow you to simply type them in a search field/box to find them available, and then create an account and buy from them.

There are also many domain names for sale on bidding websites you can bid on and buy.

Domain Names in Closing

Domain Names can be a lot of fun and offer great excitement as we have discovered over the decades of registering them, buying them from domain name drop services and by selling them to new businesses just starting out.  Domain Names can also be very rewarding financially as we discovered by just having these domain names in our inventory sitting there for us to utilize someday, these names brought to us all kinds of great people we have been able to provide our domain names to for their own great ideas to take route.

In addition to all of the above knowledge and resources, there are many more domain name owners that have, like we do at Active Atom under the website www.UrlLogic.com well thought out domain names that you can make an offer on and get that special domain name you really want for your own great website concept.  Organizations like Active Atom have some of the best domain names you are going to find as you might not be aware, the domain name register services are generally not going to offer good domain names like BeachCraft.com because it is already either owned by themselves or it is owned by organizations like Active Atom that were purchased for future products, model businesses or branding decades ago.

Regardless of your business or business idea, this article about domain names being wrapped into your business has exposed how they have became a very important part of all businesses worldwide and we wish you the best in your business and your search for that award winning top shelf domain name.