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7 Reasons Why People Live in the High Desert

Lance and Patrick share 7 of the reasons they live and work in Yucca Valley, there are to be sure many other reasons to visit or relocate into this silent valley, but here are some we know and that we deem important enough for us to share.


The First and best reason is it is dry, great for people that do not like moist, coastal, humid or wetter weather, and since clouds only hover overhead when it actually rains those 6 inches a year, that means we have near 300 plus days of continues sunshine.


Second the rural life while not for everyone, is a less stressful environment then say the city life, you only see people in the high desert if you want to.


Third is this, it is quitter then a city and this is priceless, little to no neighbors and no traffic noises.


Forth you can see the stars clearly at night, since it is nearly always clear. The planets, suns, stars and our wonderful moon are much brighter with little to no light pollution.


Fifth if you are a creator, writer, general thinker or person that likes tinker with things like Lance and Patrick do at Active Atom you are going to get a lot done in the high desert, as there is literally nothing to do unless you create something to do.

If you are like us we depend on few to no repair services, we are trained in and perform all of our own repairs, household, machines, vehicles, etc.


Sixth if you like clean fresh air free of major freeway and highway traffic, urban and human pollution, then the high desert is perfect for your health, though we do have dust storms and with that pollen and in rare cases of cocci full name coccidoioidomycosis a desert fever of air born dust particles spores can blow into a desert, though they are so rare to make you ill, you are still better off (in our opinion) in the high desert then driving on a California Freeway breathing vehicle airborne particles.


Seventh living in the rural desert is all about the people, relationships with one another and caring for and looking out for one another, this is despite the fact that many of us while being neighbors are placed quite a distance from one another.